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SkipSimple has a wide variety of services to fit all of your data needs from carrier annd Email-to-SMS gateway information, to Email Verification and Do-Not-Call Data.

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Data…not just when you need it, but how you need it, via real time API’s XML. batch file uploads or manual data entry.

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Append (Phone)

Need the phone numbers for your contacts? You supply us with their names and addresses, and we’ll return their phone numbers. Our Append (Phone) service costs $0.04 for each successful match; we only charge you when we are able to return a phone number. USA only.

Append (Email)

Need the email addresses for your contacts? You supply us with their names and addresses or their phone numbers, and we’ll return their email addresses. We charge $0.04 per successful match; we only charge you when we are able to return an email address. USA only.

Append (Reverse Phone)

Our address lookup / verification service finds the name and address associated with a phone number. The cost is $0.04 per successful match; we only charge when we are able to return a name and address. USA only.

Append (Reverse Email)

Our address lookup / verification service finds the name, address and phone associated with an email. The cost is $0.04 per successful match; we only charge when we are able to return a name and address. USA only.


Use Skip Simple’s Text@ service to retrieve the email-to-SMS, and email-to-MMS gateway addresses for your clients’ wireless phones. Simply send us the phone numbers, and our service sends

Append (Profile Data)

Our Append (Profile Data) service gives you additional information about the people on your lead list, including Financial, Interests, and/or Household data. You can then use this information to personalize your sales efforts. For example, you can identify leads who have a particular interest, such as cosmetics or investing, or you can tailor your communications based on your lead’s income or whether they have children.

Data Integration

SkipSimple is integrated with these exciting products and services.

We have all the application for all of your data needs.

About Morry

Real Estate & Data Expert!

Morry Eghbal started his business career in real estate more than 30 years ago. He has bought, fixed, and sold hundreds of properties in Southern California. Morry is passionate about finding solutions and simplifying the work of business owners, realtors, and investors like himself.

Morry is the Founder and CEO of SuccessorsData.com, which offers nationwide inheritance real estate property data/leads in 42,000 zip codes for realtors and investors. Over 300,000 properties we post a year sell or transfer title.

Founder of ProbaeLeads.com offering researched probate case filings to wholesalers, investors and realtors in over 500 counties.
Founder of AssessorsData.com offering daily updated 155,000,000 property tax records as well as nationwide daily foreclosures.
Co-founder of IQdial.com, the most economic cloud base power dialer in the market with the ability to send text and email for just $49 a month.
Inventor of DialExcel.com Dial through your excel files.
Owner of PostcardCity.com mailing over 2,000,000 letters a year for investors, realtors and attorneys.
Founder of LawyersDirectMail.com connecting attorney to the heirs of estate before they file probate.
Founder of EasyExcelAutomation.com creating workflow productivity Excel VBA tools such as Zillow Scrubber, one column phone organizer and many others.
OwnerVerifier.com we clean and append to your data all the real estate fields you are missing.
Morry is the father of four children, two of which are Autistic and has two grandsons. Even though he has a busy schedule, he devotes time to helping church ministries at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana CA and loves the LORD!

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Low transaction rates than our competitors

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SkipSimple provides you with data from its original sources; thus ensuring better accuracy and pricing than our competition.

Decades of experience in the telecom and IT fields.

Look-Up Fees

*High volume customers (over half-a-million lookups / month)
should contact us about pricing discounts.

Append (Phone) $0.04 per look-up
Append (Email) $0.04 per look-up
Append (Reverse Phone) $0.04 per look-up
Append (Reverse Email) $0.04 per look-up
Text@ $0.04 per look-up
Append (Profile) $0.05 per look-up


What Our Clients Say About Us
“We have been using SkipSimple successfully for the last several years. This tool has become a valuable asset to confirm a Cell Phone Carrier for our current client base as well as our new clients. You would be surprised how often customers have no idea who their cell carrier is. SkipSimple database look-up allows our CSR to cross reference our client.s information efficiently and accurately.”
Kevin Ahern
Director of Product Development

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SkipSimple not just when you need it, but how you need it; via real time API's, XML, batch file uploads or manual data entry. SkipSimple delivers real-time data such as phone carrier lookups, email-to-SMS gateway solutions and caller name (cnam) services. Our customers span many different industries including financial, gaming, marketing, medical, sales, telecom, and more.
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